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We don’t know about you, but our sleep has been absolutely dreadful these past few months.

Perhaps is due to 2020 not having its sh*t entirely together, or the fact that we’re indoors a lot more than usual. 

One thing that we do know for sure, is that we LOVE to sleep. We also love the benefits that come hand in hand with high-quality shut-eye, and we’re not willing to compromise.


Here are FIFTY of our favourite ways to elevate your sleep:

Invest in a quiet fan and keep the room cool as you can.

Alternatively, in the colder months, invest in a weighted blanket. They are an absolute game-changer when it comes to anxiety.

Commit to no screens two hours before bedtime. If that’s not feasible, opt for at least half an hour.

Consider blue-blocking glasses for the moment when you do need to look at a screen.

Listen to a calming audiobook before bed with a sleep timer set.

Open up the Calm app and play calming music or nature sounds as you drift off.

Sip sleepy bedtime tea.

Consider magnesium bisgylcinate before bed.

Make yourself an adaptogen-spiked golden milk before bed.

Consider a sleep-enhancing supplement, we've got a whole article on our favourites

Fill up your diffusor with soothing essential oils such as lavender or ylang-ylang.

During the day, swap out coffee for matcha.

Gradually cut back and out stimulating foods and drinks, such as dark chocolate, sugar and certain herbs.

Ensure your dinner that doesn't contain a high amount or any processed or starchy carbohydrates, we want to ensure you’re not waking up due to messy and unstable blood sugar.

Support the adrenals. When waking, have a big glass of water with a pinch of pink sea salt.

Consider liquorice tinctures and tea during the day to help balance cortisol (not for those with hypertension).

Meditate for 15 minutes every day.

Have an Epsom salt bath before bed with lots of lovely, smelly oils.

Consider a shot of tart cherry juice before bed.

Opt for turkey a couple of times per week as your lean protein for dinner.

Likewise, opt for wild-caught salmon.

Journal before bed.

Consider infrared. 

Take a deeper look into your progesterone levels, as when low, can contribute to disrupted sleep.

Boost your progesterone naturally. Practices include overall reduction of stress, red raspberry leaf and lots of vitamin C rich foods.

Take a deeper look into your thyroid health and support these hormones through organic foods, brazil nuts and seaweed.

Really get in touch with your circadian rhythm. Wake up and open your curtains wide, step outside for at least five minutes and take some deep breaths.

Consider blackout blinds and ensure there are no light sources in the room.

Grab a silky eye mask. We love the silky kind as we are NOT here for pulling at our delicate eye area.

Invest in a white noise machine.

Ensure you’re getting outside enough throughout the day.

Consider if your exercise routine is further stressing you out and causing imbalances in stress hormones. Swap all high-intensity exercise for low and slow, such as yoga and walking.

However, if you’re not moving at all, consider adding in some light movement.

Try to avoid sleeping in too late.

Breath in for four counts and out four eight. Keep repeating.

Consider one of these nifty gadgets.

Download blue light screen filters for your phone and laptop.

Grab a calming pink salt rock lamp.

Consider switching out the harsh blue light bulbs for red LED ones.

Learn how to wee in the dark. The abrupt light in the middle of the night or even during your wind-down time can be really disrupted to your sleep.

Grab a quality sleep spray.

Consider a glycine amino acid supplement.

Consider L-theanine amino acid supplementation.

Cut back on the booze.

Try to avoid drinking tonnes of water during the evening.

Swap your TV, phone or laptop for a book or a Kindle.

Mute your WhatsApp and social media notifications during the evening.

Consider purchasing an actual alarm clock rather than relying on your phone.

Take a probiotic during the day.

If you’re really struggling to sleep, consider getting to the root cause with a pro. This also includes a councillor or mental health expert.

Consider listening to childhood lullabies (trust us).




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