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A morning routine, in our opinion, makes a huge difference in how your day plays out. Of course, your morning mediation doesn’t determine whether your train is late or on time (or decides to show up at all!) but it can help control how you respond. 

A well thought out morning routine is a pocket of calm that transcends into the rest of the day. It also allows you to schedule in errands or hobbies that you didn’t even know you had the time for. Here are just a few of the non-negotiables in our morning routines and how you can elevate yours, in no particular order.



We’re big advocates that breakfast in bed shouldn’t be reserved for holidays or special occasions and for us, it’s an everyday occurrence. Of course, everyone has different time constraints and preferred ways of doing things, but if you have the time and an appetite for breakfast first thing, have it in bed. 

Eating in a calm, rested environment is crucial for optimal digestion and so in bed, beside you pink salt rock lamp, watching the day begin really is one of the most relaxing things. It’s a far cry from a rushed pot of overnight oats on your commute or in between meetings.  


Think of yourself as your house plant that hasn’t been watered for the whole duration of your holiday (we’ve all been guilty of it), it's mostly likely dehydrated and a little limp. The same goes for when we wake up. 

Whilst chronic exhaustion upon waking can be down to an adrenal imbalance, it could also be a result of dehydration.

Before bed, place a huge bottle or glass of water (filtered, ideally) beside your bed. If you’re working on adrenal issues, we recommend adding a little pink sea salt. Guzzle it all and repeat each morning. Simple yet effective. 


We’ve spoken about this before, but rolling over and scrolling through Instagram as soon as you wake up is incredibly stressful, especially if your phone is already a source of anxiety for you. Starting the day off with an injection of the outside world before you’ve woken up can leak into the rest of your day and cause you to be reactive rather than proactive. 

Set strict boundaries with yourself or try social media timers and apps such as Freedom which can block emails and texts until you’ve properly woken up. We go by the 9-9 rule: no phones form 9 pm until 9 am. Place it outside the room, across the room or under your bed, as long as it’s out of reach. 


We’re sorry to be so predictable, but we come across countless high achievers and experts all with the same thing in common, a daily meditation habit. We think that the concept can often be a little off-putting because it can appear so rigid and strict when in actual fact meditation looks different on everybody. 

Commit to just five minutes and work your way up, depending on how much time you have. There are countless different methods and styles, so find the one that works for you. From the Calm app guided meditations to mantras or counting each breath, we recommend doing it in the morning as a tool for focus and energising.  

BONUS POINTS: Meditating in front of an infrared lamp. Absolute game-changer.


Hands up if you’re a chronic overthinker. For most of us, the overthinking and anxiety can crop up at the end of the day, when we’re tired and a little vulnerable. But actually putting the work in the morning can help prevent these feelings during the rest of the day. 

Get your thoughts and feelings out, plans for the day, things your grateful for, dreams, anything that may be worrying you and anything that you’re looking forward to. You’ll (hopefully) start the day off on a positive and get any roadblocks out of your head and on paper.


One of the most effective, yet underrated aspects of a morning routine. Whilst we want to enter the day feeling calm and collected, blasting your favourite song and having a little dance around the room is a true mood booster. 


This leads us on nicely to our next point. Movement can happen at any time of the day, but it seems to sit within a lot of people’s morning routines. Why? Because then it's done and you can move on with the rest of the day. Cortisol is already highest in the morning, so our energy levels are naturally high. It also helps to further sustain those energy levels and elevate endorphins, putting you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

This doesn’t mean you need to schedule in a 5K every morning. Movement can simply mean you hit the mat and flow for half an hour, head to your local studio for a quick spin class or simply walking to work (if you have that luxury). Depending on how much time you have, getting in your exercise first thing is a really worthwhile part of any morning routine. 


Prone to puffy skin first thing? A small yet incredibly effective tip to add into your morning routine. Stash and ice roller in your freezer and roll it over your face as part of your morning skincare routine. It helps to make you look and feel more awake and ready for the world. You can also get full-on freezable masks to strap onto your face if you’re really hardcore. 


And finally, depending on what your morning routine looks like and the type of person you are, opt for a cold shower or a hot bath. The former suits those who need that extra push in the morning whilst a hot bath can be a really calming way to start the day if you are a bit of a busy body. Add eucalyptus to the shower or calming Epsom salts to the bath, both really set you up for the day in the best way. 




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