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Matcha Latte with Maitake Mushroom

matcha latte four sigmatic mushroom mitake
matcha latte four sigmatic mushroom

Coffee, not your thing? We get it. Not everyone’s body is equipped to take on higher amounts of caffeine. Enter matcha. Better yet, enter matcha spiked with adaptogenic maitake mushroom. Four Sigmatic combine ceremonial grade matcha green tea from Japan, maitake mushroom, moringa powder and a touch of organic stevia, served up in ten induvial on the go sachets. Matcha can be slightly adaptogenic in its own right, seeking out if you need to be uplifted or help to calm you down.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha
The combination of caffeine and the amino acid l-theanine, works to help increase focus and productivity whilst supporting the nervous system and keeping you calm. L-theanine can help to boost GABA, our calming neurotransmitter. Matcha is also rich in catechins, a type of flavonoid that is a potent antioxidant, potentially supporting mental and cardiovascular health. 

Organic Maitake
Medicinal mushrooms can be another fabulous addition to your adaptogen regime, helping you tackle both internal and external stressors. When stress hormones are high, the rest of your health can take a back seat. Four Sigmatic’s Matcha Latte contains 500mg of Maitake mushroom (also known as the dancing mushroom in Japanese), studied for its beta-glucan content (hello immune support!), antioxidant profile as well as being rich in vitamin B and vitamin C, both essential for women’s health.

Organic Moringa
Four Sigmatic’s Matcha Latte with Maitake contains an added 300mg of moringa, a powerful ingredient rich in those important b vitamins (think energy and liver health), vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron and zinc, to name just a few.
Four Sigmatic’s Matcha Latte with Maitake is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and all the ingredients are organic. The coconut milk powder means you can add the matcha latte blend to hot water and it will still taste creamy.

We love a morning routine, and an iced matcha latte has quickly become a non-negotiable part of it. Not only is the making of a mug of matcha oh-so therapeutic, Four Sigmatic’s blend really takes the hassle away from trying to cram in the powerful ingredients we know make us feel great, by combining them all in one sachet. We take ours on the go, into work and hand out to friends in need of a pick me up. The combination of matcha and maitake works to support the nervous system, immune function and is rich in those lovely antioxidants.

Organic coconut milk powder, organic match powder, organic maitake extract, organic moringa powder, reb a (organic stevia extract).

Mix with hot water (hot, not boiling!) OR make extra creamy with your favourite plant-based milk for the quickest matcha latte with benefits. Give it all a good mix and sip away.
Alternatively, pour over ice for an easy iced matcha latte. Each sachet provides one serving with ten sachets in a box.
Each sachet provides one serving with ten sachets in a box

Matcha benefits?
We’ve got a whole post up on the scoop all about matcha and it’s many benefits.

What does matcha taste like?
Traditionally, matcha green tea has quite an earthy flavour to it, not too dissimilar to your cup of standard green tea. Matcha powder is slightly more potent. Four Sigmatic take the edge off by introducing coconut milk powder and organic stevia into the mix, both contributing to a creamier, naturally sweet flavour.

Matcha Caffeine Content?
One sachet of Four Sigmatic’s Matcha Latte with Maitake contains only 20mg of caffeine.

WTF is Ceremonial Grade Matcha?
Ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality of green tea powder available. The young tea leaves are stone ground and have a vibrant green colour and a very, very fine texture.

Can I take Four Sigmatic Matcha Latte with Maitake whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?
Please consult your doctor before starting any new supplement protocol. Still not convinced? Read the research for yourself.

Still Not Convinced? Read the Research for Yourself.

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matcha latte four sigmatic mushroom mitake
matcha latte four sigmatic mushroom