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Organic Night Time Capsules

Pukka Night Time Capsules contain a soothing, organic herbal blend of Valerian & Ashwagandha. Pukka use some of the world’s finest herbs gathered from fertile, organic soils, formulated in a convenient and easy to take capsule, effortlessly elevating your wind-down routine. This broad-spectrum formula contains the highest organic grade, sustainably cultivated herbs, carefully selected to bring you the full potential of nature’s goodness.


  • Supports restful and restorative sleep.
  • Nurtures the nervous system and helps the body adapt to stress. 
  • Caffeine-free.
  • Organic.
  • Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Wheat-free and Dairy-free
  • Ashwagandha helps to balance cortisol levels naturally. Helps the body's resilience to stress.
  • Valerian root has natural sedative-like properties, helping the loudest minds unwind and promote restful and restorative sleep.

    We love a complex wind-down routine to help us feel as though we’re at the very top of our wellness game, however, sometimes we want easy, convenient support to help promote restful and restorative sleep. Pukka Night Time Capsules contain two powerful and highly functional herbs, ashwagandha and valerian, helping to effectively balance stress hormones and calm the body and mind at bedtime.

    Take 2 capsules with water at night before bed.

    Ashwagandha root* 30%, Valerian root* 20%, Gotu Kola leaf*, Hawthorn berry*, Nutmeg fruit*, Fennel seed*, Vegetable cellulose capsule (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose). * = Organic

    Can I take Pukka Organic Night Time Capsules if Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Taking a Particular Medication?
    Do not take if planning a pregnancy, pregnant or breast-feeding. If you are currently taking any medication please consult your doctor first. Keep out of reach of children.

    Can I take Pukka Organic Night Time Capsulesin conjunction with another adaptogen blend?
    We recommend sticking to one blend of adaptogens at a time to avoid reaching too high of a dose.


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