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We think being a woman is hard enough.

Wellness can have a bit of an exclusive, stuffy reputation at times, and in a world in which we are already under SO many different types of pressures, how you take care of yourself shouldn’t be one of them.

glow market is the expertly curated wellness marketplace bringing you relatable, no BS content and inspiration alongside our favourite, most exciting and innovative health and wellbeing products (gosh, that’s a mouthful!).

Welcome to glow market | Wellness for the REAL WORLD. 

From adaptogens to nootropics, well-tech to pantry staples and healthy snacks. We love clean, green beauty and self care products, and we want them ALL under one roof.

glow market will be your go-to wellbeing marketplace.

We consider finding exciting new health and wellness brands to be a hobby, and we know we can’t be the only ones that find so much joy in this too

Whilst our marketplace is currently under construction, stay updated on the latest goings on by signing up to our mailing list and we’ll promise to spoil you once we launch officially. 


We truly believe that it's all well and good guzzling smoothies spiked with healing herbs and eating your greens, but if you're not taking practicing radical rest and self-care, the circle is incomplete. 

#peakwellness embodies that feeling of truly going above and beyond to elevate your health. It targets every aspect of your physical to your mental health, and everything in between. 

Are weighted blankets, pink salt rock lamps and mushroom spiked coffees an absolute essential? It's debatable. But do they bring us joy, help form connections to other likeminded humans and help to make us feel like the greatest versions of ourselves? Hell yes.

We aim to take the confusion and overwhelm out of the picture when it comes to health by offering relevant, informed advice and education alongside the most innovate and effective wellness brands on the market.  

We’ll help you filter through the practices and products that will enhance your everyday wellbeing and your #peakwellness protocol. 


glow market was founded by Megan Hallett, women's health expert and nutrition coach, studying nutritional therapist and cookbook author. Megan’s introduction to the health and wellness industry was driven by her own health issues with PCOS and other hormonal imbalances, resulting in a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul. Whilst it was not easy, Megan loved not only the positive impact the changes had but the process itself. She a self-confessed health and wellness junkie, obsessed with finding new and exciting brands and products that not only positively impact the consumer, but who are also disrupting the wellness space.

Megan started her career as a food photographer and recipe developer, which then lead to a book deal with Quarto / White Lion Press. The Happy Balance :The Original Plant-Based Approach for Hormone Health was published in May 2019 and has been featured in various publications including Top Sante, The Telegraph, Holland and Barrett’s Healthy magazine, MindBodyGreen and Cosmopolitan Germany.

She currently works as a women’s health expert and nutrition coach with clients 1-1. It was the shared and excitement for new well-tech gadgets, snacks and wellness staples that Megan had with her clients and followers that lead to the idea of glow market.

Megan found herself constantly jumping from website to website and visiting numerous shops to purchase her favourite supplements, snacks and wellness tools and was left frustrated that there wasn’t a single trustworthy virtual marketplace to buy everything.

Furthermore, several trips to New York and California presented several gaps in the UK marketplace for particular brands, product types and wellness practices that were innovative and exciting. Megan wanted to merge all of these components: a hub of expert knowledge that is unlike any other placed alongside the highest quality and most effective nutrition, wellness and lifestyle products.



We're currently working hard on curating our favourite health and wellness brands for the marketplace. 

If like our vibe and work for or own a wellness brand that you’re proud of, get in touch; we’d love to get to know you.


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