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glow market is the wellness marketplace designed with women's bodies in mind. From adaptogens to multi-vitamins, mood boosting amino acids to probiotics, we've got the goods to make you feel great.

We think that wellness can have a bit of an exclusive, stuffy reputation at times. In a world where we are already under so many different types of pressure, how you take care of yourself shouldn't be one of them.

If being well means a complex morning routine, consisting of yoga, iced matcha and adaptogens, we’re here for it. If your idea of wellness is getting a takeaway and watching trashy reality telly all night long, we’re here for it too.

Wellness for the REAL WORLD. 

Every product + brand featured has been chosen based on its ingredients, quality and functionality, women's health expert approved. 



glow market was founded by Megan Hallett, women's health expert and nutrition coach, studying nutritional therapist and cookbook author. Megan’s introduction to the health and wellness industry was driven by her own health issues with PCOS and other hormonal imbalances, resulting in a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul. 

With symptoms including acne, hair loss, fatigue and anxiety, Megan found that particular supplements including adaptogenic herbs, probiotics and high quality protein powder (to name a few) were useful tools in managing her health. On top of this, managing stress with calming daily rituals including baths and breathwork took her healing to the next level.

Megan's book The Happy Balance: The Original Plant-Based Approach for Hormone Health was published in May 2019 and has been featured in various publications including Top Sante, The Telegraph, Holland and Barrett’s Healthy magazine, MindBodyGreen and Cosmopolitan Germany. She currently works as a women’s health expert and nutrition coach with clients 1-1. You can learn more and book your free consultation here.

Megan found herself constantly jumping from website to website and visiting numerous shops to purchase her favourite supplements, snacks and wellness tools and was left frustrated that there wasn’t a single trustworthy virtual marketplace to buy everything. Megan wanted to merge all of these components: a hub of expert knowledge that is unlike any other placed alongside the highest quality and most effective nutrition, wellness and lifestyle products. 




If like our vibe and own a wellness brand that you’re proud of OR want to write for our blog The Scoop, get in touch; we’d love to get to know you: