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Ashwagandha + Rhodiola Stress Complex

Higher Nature Ashwagandha + Rhodiola Complex is a one-a-day formulation designed specifically for those with hectic lives, struggling with stress, fatigue and poor mental performance. Higher Nature uses the very best KSM-66 organic ashwagandha root extract (400mg per capsule!) combined with added adrenal soothing extras such as rhodiola, pantothenic acid (b5) and holy basil.

 Higher Nature Ashwagandha + Rhodiola Complex is well-researched and extracted using ‘green chemistry’, meaning no solvents or alcohol are used. On top of the adaptogenic staples, Higher Nature adds vitamin C into the mix, contributing to a healthy nervous, immune and endocrine system. Ashwagandha + Rhodiola Complex is free from artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, dairy, gluten, lactose, salt, soya, starch, sugar, wheat and yeast.  


  • Supports normal mental performance.
  • Supports a healthy nervous system which is key for maintaining hormonal balance, healthy immune function, energy levels and sleep.
  • Supports the body against the effects of stress.

Ashwagandha 400mg – Ashwagandha, also known as Withania sonmifera, is renowned for its use as a tonic in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been studied for its cortisol lower effects and helps the body adapt to stress. Higher Nature’s Ashwagandha + Rhodiola Complex contains KSM-66 organically grown ashwagandha root extract.

Rhodiola Rosea 80mg – Rhodiola Rosea root extract naturally contains powerful actives such as rosavins, polyphenols and salidroside. It supports the body’s resistance to stress and combats symptoms of highly stressful lifestyles such as fatigue and anxiety.

Holy Basil - Also known as Tulsi, Holy Basil is a herb that has been prized for centuries for its health benefits. It has been studied for its effect on low mood and anxiety and has similar adaptogenic properties as ashwagandha and rhodiola, protecting against stress.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is involved in many parts of the immune system and supports healthy immune function. Some find it naturally supports energy levels as well as being a key vitamin required for healthy progesterone levels.

Vitamin B5 – Pantothenic acid contributes to optimal mental performance and can help to support fatigue or symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

It’s no secret at this point that stress has a huge influence on the body and how it functions. It can hugely interfere with the reproductive and endocrine system, influences hormonal imbalances, impact immune function, gut health, mental performance and the health of our skin and hair. We triumph peaceful practices such as meditation and breathwork, but a high-quality adaptogen complex provides that extra layer of support for the body.

Higher Nature Ashwagandha + Rhodiola Complex utilises three highly functional adaptogenic herbs and essential vitamins that directly target and support the nervous system. It helps to balance stress hormones and soothe the adrenals, the foundation of optimal health and wellbeing.  

Adults and children over 16 years take 1 capsule daily with food.

Ashwagandha Root Extract - KSM-66 ® (400mg) Rhodiola rosea root extract (3:1) (80mg) Holy basil extract (5:1) (100mg) Pantothenic acid (20mg) Vitamin C (50mg)

Other ingredients: anti-caking agent: tricalcium phosphate, calcium d-pantothenate, magnesium sterate.

Can I take Higher Nature Ashwagandha + Rhodiola Complex if Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Taking a Particular Medication?
Do not take if planning a pregnancy, pregnant or breast-feeding. If you are currently taking any medication please consult your doctor first. Keep out of reach of children.

How Should I store Higher Nature Ashwagandha + Rhodiola Complex?
Store in a cool, dry, steam-free environment.

Can I take Higher Nature Ashwagandha + Rhodiola in conjunction with another adaptogen blend?
We recommend sticking to one blend of adaptogens at a time to avoid reaching too high of a dose.


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