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10 Mushroom Immunity Blend

10 mushroom blend uk four sigmatic immunity medicinal mushrooms
10 mushroom blend four sigmatic uk medicinal mushrooms

We’re busy women. Messing around with several different powders first thing just doesn’t align with our perfect morning routine. Four Sigmatic take the hard work out of getting in those good for you ingredients by combining 10 potent, immune-boosting and stress-busting medicinal mushrooms in one tin.

In Four Sigmatic's 10 Mushroom Immunity Blend, you’ll find Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Maitake, Enokitake, Agaricus, Meshima and Tremella mushrooms, plus Rose Hips for the added vitamin C, an immune cocktail if we ever did see one. Whilst each medicinal mushroom has its own wonderful properties, this mushroom blend will help contribute to a healthy immune function and stress response.


  • An easy + cost-effective way of adding in 10 different medicinal mushrooms to your morning smoothie or latte.
  • 10 Mushroom Immunity Blend supports and helps maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Added vitamin C helps support healthy skin, collagen synthesis and healthy immune function. 
  • Protects against the effects of stress and fast-paced modern-day lifestyles.
  • 10 Mushroom Immunity Blend helps to balance blood sugar + supports healthy hormones.

Organic Chaga Mushroom (150 mg per serving)
Four Sigmatic’s Chaga is sustainably harvested from birch trees. The potent powder that is found in the 10 Mushroom Blend has been extracted from Chaga’s wood-fruiting bodies and is completely organic, with no added fillers or carriers. Chaga supports immune function due to its high levels of beta-glucans. Four Sigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend contains 150mg per serving. 

Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom (150mg per serving)
Lion’s Mane is arguably one of our favourite mushrooms due to its natural nootropic powers. It helps support your productivity levels and focus whilst not putting the nervous system under any further pressure. Four Sigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend contains 150mg per serving. 

Organic Reishi Mushroom (150mg per serving)
The queen of the mushrooms, Reishi helps to support a healthy stress response and soothe the nervous system. Four Sigmatic use linden log-grown Reishi in their 10 Mushroom Blend, with no fillers or carriers and is completely organic. Four Sigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend contains 150mg per serving. 

Rose Hips (400mg per serving)
Vitamin C bombs, Rose Hips are added to Four Sigmatic Blends to compliment the immune system supporting mushrooms, providing you with 24mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is not only an immune-boosting hero, but it is also key for skin health and hormone health too. Four Sigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend contains 400mg per serving. 

Four Sigmatic really know their mushrooms. Combining each potent extract into one medicinal mushroom blend easy to take blend really takes away the stress and guesswork. We add ours in with our morning smoothie for protection against everyday stressors and potential immune system disruptors.

Blend two scoops of Four Sigmatic’s 10 Mushroom Blend into your morning smoothie, or stir it into an immune-supporting wellness tonic or milky latte. Take in the morning or evening, perfect for on the go or travelling when we become a little more vulnerable to illness.

Rose Hips (Rosa canina) extract (fruit), Chaga (Inontus obliquus) extract (fruiting body), Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) extract (fruiting body), Cordyceps (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) extract (mycelium), Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) extract (fruiting body), Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) extract (fruiting body), Maitake (grifola frondosa) extract (fruiting body), Enokitake (flammulina velutipes) extract (fruiting body), Agaricus (Agaricus blaxei) extract (fruiting body), Meshima (Phellinus linteus) extract (fruiting body), Tremella (Tremella fuciformis) extract (fruiting body)
Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao with Reishi is organic, vegan, gluten-free and third-party lab tested.

Are Medicinal Mushrooms the same thing as Magic Mushrooms?
Nope, we’re not THAT kind of site. Medicinal mushrooms will not make you hallucinate.

Can I take Four Sigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?
No, please consult your doctor before starting any new supplement protocol.

This is a food supplement and not intended to prevent or cure any diseases. Keep out of reach of children and please consult your doctor first if you are under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding, have any medical conditions or are taking any medication.

Still Not Convinced? Read the Research for Yourself



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10 mushroom blend uk four sigmatic immunity medicinal mushrooms
10 mushroom blend four sigmatic uk medicinal mushrooms