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We get it. We can’t be superwomen all the time and occasionally living life full speed ahead leaves us feeling a little under the weather. Stress, diet and other lifestyle or biological factors can weaken our defences and directly impact our immune system, both of which always seem to happen at the worst times.

Boost your immune system and stay healthy all year round with Higher Nature Immune+, complete with key immune-supporting nutrients Vitamin C and Zinc, plus antioxidants black elderberry and bilberry, to protect against oxidative stress.

    Vitamin C – Vitamin C supports a healthy functioning immune system through supporting and protecting white blood cell production. Vitamin C helps support skin structure and repair throughout the body whilst also acting as a potent antioxidant, protecting against damage.

    Zinc – Zinc plays an absolutely crucial role in the development and function of immune cells, as well as being an important co-factors for many critical enzymatic pathways throughout the body. As with Vitamin C, Zinc helps support healthy skin through its role in cell grown and division.

    Black Elderberry – A potent antioxidant, black elderberry helps to protect against oxidative damage and boost the immune system through its anti-inflammatory properties.

    The world has gone immune crazy this year and it’s a train we’re more than happy to jump on. Vitamin C and Zinc have been extensively researched for their role in the immune system whilst the added potent berry extracts allow for further antioxidant support. On top of supporting the immune system, the nutrients included in Immune+ help support healthy skin and hormonal balance, a real multi-tasking supplement.

    Take Immune+ all year round to support a healthy immune system, or take at the first sign of infection. Take 2 Immune+ tablets 1-3 times a day, with meals.

    Two Immune+ tablets typically provide:

    1000mg Vitamin C, 5mg Zinc, 50mg Blackcurrant fruit 4:1 extract (min. 2% anthocyanidins), 50mg Bilberry standardised extract (2% anthocyanidins), 80mg Black Elderberry standardised extract (2% total flavanoids). Coating: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (glycerine); anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide. 

    Can I take Higher Nature Immune+ if Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Taking a Particular Medication?
    Please speak with your doctor or health care professional before starting a new supplement regime.

    Is Higher Nature Immune+ Vegan?
    Yes, Higher Nature Immune+ is vegan.

    I Have a Sensitive Gut, Will This Product Upset My Stomach? 
    More than 1000mg of vitamin C may cause mild stomach upset in sensitive individuals. If this sounds like you, start with a low dose.


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