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The Focus Capsules

We don’t know about you but thinking fast and smashing through our daily to-do list is important to us. Innermost The Focus Capsules lend a helping hand on long days that require a little extra focus and increased concentration. Packed full of research-backed ingredients that boost cognitive performance and processing speed while reducing mental fatigue.

Formulated by leading nutritionists, The Focus Capsules contain a mix of adaptogens, nootropics and potent ingredients that help you increase your focus and concentration even when under stress.

One bottle = 120 capsules/ 30 servings. 


  • Supports focus and concentration. 
  • Supports stressed-out minds.
  • Improves cognitive function and memory. 
  • Supports mood. 

Natural ingredients, nootropics and adaptogens, with clearly communicated benefits. Combined to help you think, feel, and perform your best.

Per 2 Capsules:

Siberian Ginseng (400mg): A plant used in herbal medicine containing active ingredients that may help reduce mental and physical fatigue, and improve memory and alertness, focus and concerntration. Can also support the body’s natural defences, and the immune system.

L-Tyrosine (300mg): An amino acid that is used by the body to produce noradrenaline and dopamine. Evidence suggests that it can help reduce stress during exposure to acute stressors (which tend to deplete noradrenaline) and can help to prevent stress-induced memory and attention deficits.

Bacopa Monnieri (150mg): A nootropic herb often used in Ayurveda, it has been shown to improve cognition, by reducing anxiety, and improving memory formation. It works by enhancing the rate at which the nervous system can communicate by increasing the growth of nerve endings, also called dendrites. 

CDP-Choline (150mg): Required to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in regulating memory, mood and intelligence. Also has applications to improve learning and enhance attention. In essence, this compound could lead to better focus and concentration, possibly helping people combat distractions and staying focused.

Rhodiola Rosea (100mg): A nootropic powerhouse, this flowering plant has mounting research to support its claims to reducing the effects of physical exhaustion that can result in fatigue, stress and 'burnout'. Increasingly used by people to help them cope with heavy workloads, headaches, and improve mood.

Innermost are smart about getting smart. The Focus Capsules utilise the most effective herbs and functional nutrients available and combine them into one easy supplement. We keep a bottle on our desks for those days when concentration is lacking and we just can’t stay focused on one task.  

Take 2 capsules daily in the morning after you wake up.

For every serving of The Focus Capsules: Siberian Ginseng (400mg), L-Tyrosine (300mg), Bacopa Monnieri (150mg), CDP-Choline (150mg), Rhodiola Rosea (100mg).

Can I take Innermost The Focus Capsules If Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Taking a Particular Medication?
If planning a pregnancy, pregnant or breast-feeding, please speak with your health care professional. If you are currently taking any medication please consult your doctor first. Keep out of reach of children.

Are The Focus Capsules Vegan?
Yes, Innermost The Focus Capsules are vegan.


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